The world is in transition, a global shift to sustainable solutions in all markets is visible and increasing.

The development of wordwide (inland)waterways as well as vessel movements over these waterways form a major part in the transition.

Amsterdam Shipyards will be a key player in the development of sustainable solutions with focus on the transition from fossil fuels towards hybrid solutions and zero emission solutions.


Amsterdam Shipyards is founded by a highly experienced and creative management team from different Shipbuilding markets to create innovative sustainable solutions.

Amsterdam Shipyards focusses on development and production of new generation sustainable vessels for the following markets:

Zero Emission Inland Transportation market
Dredging market
Cruise market

Our values

The Netherlands are a strong maritime nation with a focus on specialized vessels. We focus on bringing the Dutch know how from the different shipbuilding markets together to create sustainable solutions.

Our values:

Innovative & sustainable
Environmental Awareness
Value for Money

Why choose us

Value for money

Our flat organization is focused on high quality and low costs for overhead. Direct lines and high skilled people result in the maximum output for your money spent.

Innovative solutions

We are your partner in creative solutions from the design to execution to provide you with the most efficient and effective integrated vessels to do the job.

International locations and partnerships

We have several national and international partnerships and locations. In our vision collaboration with customers and suppliers is core to achieve the ultimate solution for our customers and to achieve and maintain high quality standards in all of our products.

High level of experience

Amsterdam Shipyards is founded by an highly experienced and creative management team from different Shipbuilding markets. The Board members together have more than 150 years of experience in the maritime industry.


Our highlights, in short.

Sometimes numbers do tell the truth. Our Board members and partners have been involved in these highlights.

Number of vessels built
Current projects
Vessels for returning customers